Academy Director - Anderson HS
Austin, TX 
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Job Description

Qualified applicants who are not currently principals in Austin ISD, must navigate the following steps in order to be considered for a campus administrator position:

  1. Apply for the appropriate pool position(s). Applicants will be screened for eligibility. Eligibility is based on education, certification, and experience. See below for minimum qualifications.
  2. Eligible applicants will be invited and must complete a HireVue interview. HireVues will be screened for eligibility to advance to Step 3.
  3. Eligible applicants will be invited and must complete the appropriate assessment center. Assessment center participants will be screened to determine eligibility as a qualified candidate.
  4. Apply to specific campus position(s). Only qualified candidates selected through the appropriate assessment center will be considered.
  5. Complete appropriate interview(s). Qualified candidates will be invited and selected according to campus needs, interview performance, and any skills, knowledge, or experience deemed necessary for the role.
  6. Recommended for hire and receive School Board approval.

A candidate must qualify or be selected at each level listed above in order to advance to the next stage of the process. If you applied to a previous pool and were not selected to move forward in the process, you must reapply.

VISION: AISD will reinvent the urban school experience.

MISSION: AISD exists to fulfill the mission put forth by the State of Texas, which is to "ensure that all Texas children have access to a quality education that enables them to achieve their potential and fully participate now and in the future in the social, economic, and educational opportunities of our state and nation." [Texas Education Code *4.001(a)]

CORE BELIEFS: (1) All students will graduate college-, career-, and life- ready, (2) We will create an effective, agile, and responsive organization, (3) We will create vibrant relationships critical for successful students and schools.

LEADERSHIP FRAMEWORK: Austin ISD's Leadership Framework was created to provide a clear set of standards, knowledge and skills campus administrators must possess to provide a positive impact on the learning community. The Austin ISD Leadership Framework is composed of three domains, six core competencies and ten standards. This framework encompasses the skills and knowledge campus administrators must possess to provide a positive impact on the learning community. The Essential Functions of this job description are aligned to the Leadership Framework competencies. Please see the attached document for more information about the Leadership Framework.


Position requires a Master's degree in education and a valid Texas Principal certificate. A minimum of three (3) years of successful classroom teaching experience and experience in supervision, evaluation, and working with diverse students is also required.


This position requires demonstrated success working within a high performing high school/academy. Incumbent must have an understanding of the school leader's role in establishing and maintaining a safe and disciplined school environment. This position also requires knowledge and skill in the use of personal computers. Incumbent must understand how to analyze data and use results to facilitate instruction. Incumbent will demonstrate leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with students, new and experienced teachers, parents and administrators. This position also requires knowledge and experience in developing a master schedule with support for the school as a whole, as well as smaller learning communities. Employees in this position must be able to read, write, and speak/communicate in English in order to receive and to provide work-related information in a timely manner to other employees, supervisors, principals, school personnel, volunteers and where appropriate, visitors and students.


This position is responsible for hiring, supervising, and evaluating teachers and staff, developing and implementing educational programs in the school, overseeing extracurricular activities and assuring that Board policies are fully carried out, as well as directing all support services of the school. Incumbent is responsible for the administration of the school programs and services, as well as supervision of teachers, counselors, and other administrative staff at the school. Incumbent will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Boards results policies while working within the boundaries of the executive limitations.


Note: The principal at each school will have discretion as to which of these are the responsibility of the incumbent.
  • Oversees the development of a master schedule that meets the learning needs of students.
  • Demonstrates high expectations for all students and staff and a commitment to providing the support required to attain them.
  • Ensures a safe and nurturing environment for students, staff, and families.
  • Demonstrates cultural competencies and anti-racist leadership through behaviors and decision-making.
  • Develops and implements a Campus Improvement Plan that sets the direction for school improvement efforts.
  • Analyzes student performance data to inform school improvement efforts and benchmark progress.
  • Designs and implements a professional development strategy that addresses instructional improvement priorities defined by student achievement and the individual needs of staff members.
  • Conducts classroom observations to analyze instruction, and supervises staff to ensure continuous improvement in teaching and learning.
  • Ensures that the learning needs of all students - Special Education, English Language Learners, and Regular Education - are met.
  • Reduces and ultimately eliminates the achievement gap, through classroom interventions, school culture, and programming beyond the school day.
  • Establishes a collegial environment that honors and encourages staff's continuous learning.
  • Fosters teacher leadership through delegation, and shared leadership and decision-making.
  • Aligns the use of time, people, money, and materials to school's instructional priorities.
  • Manages personnel, facilities, and operations.
  • Collaborates with individuals to further develop the school's mission, vision, and professional culture.
  • Cultivates and sustains meaningful partnerships with families and community members that support student achievement and well-being.
  • Assists campus assistant principals in planning for and implementing comprehensive extracurricular programs for the school, including clubs and athletics.
  • Plans, implements, and supervises the instructional programs for the school, typically including basic, advanced, remedial, and special education programs.
  • Hires and supervises all administrative and professional staff and establishes performance expectations and personnel management procedures within the guidelines of the Board and superintendent.
  • Meets with campus assistant principals, teachers, counselors, students, and parents either on a formal or informal basis to address program objectives/issues, complaints, and grievances, and responds to queries via correspondence or through phone calls.
  • Performs "walk-throughs" of the campus to monitor teacher, staff, and student behavior and to monitor grounds and building maintenance.
  • Establishes and maintains disciplinary policies for the school; handles major disciplinary problems.
  • Ensures that a personal graduation plan (PGP) is in place and is being utilized to instruct each student who needs such a plan.
  • Oversees and assists in administrative activities such as reporting on budget, teachers, and staff, and classroom/program activities to the superintendent and Board.
  • Maintains a positive community and parent relations program, including frequent meetings with local officials, civic groups, parent associations, booster clubs, and the media.
  • Plans and authorizes annual goals and objectives for instructional programs and extracurricular activities with professional staff. Continually adjusts short-term plan based upon updated information and circumstances. Annually prepares five-year plan to establish long-term goals.
  • Assigns basic responsibilities to academy assistants, teachers, and other staff and makes temporary duty assignments as needed.
  • Develops an annual budget for the school, often with the assistance of teachers or department heads, and defends requests before the Associate Superintendent for High Schools. Manages budget for the school on a continual basis, identifying and making needed adjustments, or requesting changes from the superintendent.
  • Oversees programs and grants for the school. Prepares status reports on programs and grants as needed.
  • Provides information to academy assistants, teachers and other staff related to school and district policies/procedures, teaching methods, and educational objectives and holds group or individual meetings as needed to disseminate information.
  • Reviews teaching methods in classrooms on a regular basis. Conducts annual formal evaluations. Reviews performance of departments and administrative staff on the basis of documented progress in student achievement and project accomplishment.
  • Develops and implements formal in-service training and staff development for professional staff or makes arrangements for staff to attend workshops.
  • Attends and listens to all formal grievances and provides responses as needed.
  • Interviews, selects, and evaluates all employees of the school. When necessary, provides the necessary documentation for employee terminations. Assures that approved personnel management policies are fully carried out in the school

Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare situations driven by need where a team effort is required.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. This position involves working in a normal office setting with no unusual physical demands or exposure to hazardous situations. This position may involve rare exposure to blood or body fluids. Regular attendance is required for this position.


This position reports directly to the principal. Incumbent receives general supervision from the principal. Performance is reviewed on the basis of documented student achievements, maintenance of Board policies, meeting of established deadlines, operating within established budget, and public comment.

Duty Days: 230
Pay Grade: A07
Salary Range: $86,772-99,788

Closing Date: Until Filled

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Job Summary
Start Date
As soon as possible
Employment Term and Type
Regular, Full Time
Required Education
High School or Equivalent
Required Experience
3 years
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